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Bike Cage

The Livingston Place Bike Cage is located on the P1 level of the parkade which accommodates up to 230 bikes.  For entry to the bike cage, a tenant must enter in through the parkade doors (same as a vehicle) and follow the 'Cyclist' signs.  Remember to carry your card as the doors will be closed after hours and entry to the parkade is gained only through card swipe. 

Once inside the parkade, follow the cyclist path to the P1 level Bike Cage.  There, you will need to swipe your card to gain access.  Please remember to bring your own lock to secure your bike once inside and stationed! 

In order to provide a safe environment for all, access to the bike cage will only be provided to tenants that have a Bicycle Parking Agreement completed. The Agreement is available here and once completed, please email it to [email protected]

P1 Shower/Locker Rooms

Accessible by card access only, the P1 Shower/Locker Rooms are available to all tenants of Livingston Place by card access only.  They are accessible by card swipe and the Terms of Use are stated on signage as you enter.  Make sure to read them as they are very informative.  The lockers are for day use only and bring your own lock as none are provided.  The shower rooms are equipped with an iron, ironing board, hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons and complimentary towel service as amenities available to all those who use the shower/locker rooms.

Should you require additional information please contact Tenant Relations Manager, Nancy Strome at [email protected] or at 403-716-2003.


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